Software Install Request

To request a software package be installed across the entire cluster follow the below instructions. If the software you are requesting is licensed or has an User Agreement, the request will first need to go thrugh the procurement process which can take long time.

Check if Software/Module is Already Installed

To check for the current available modules:

module avail

To check for a specific software, you can use module avail <software-name> for instance:

[user@lewis4-lenovo-hpc2-node282 ~]$ module avail matlab

------------------------------------- /cluster/modulefiles/rcss -----------------------------------
matlab/matlab-R2018b     matlab/matlab-R2018a      matlab/matlab-R2019a      matlab/matlab-R2020a 

Try to Install it Yourself

You can install software and packages you need in your user or group space. Please review our Software and Procurement Policy.

You can use Anaconda to install software and packages related to R and Python, including the latest version of R and Python. For many other software you may use Spack, a software manager tool, to install a software and it's dependencies. You can also, use source code and developer's instruction to install a software.

The recommended location for local installs from source codes is /storage/hpc/data/$USER/local. If your group needs access to the same install then use /group/group_name/local. Commands that require sudo are not permitted on any RSS systems. Often you can avoid that by building the code from source with the --prefix=/your/local/directory or altinstall commands.

Note: you cannot install software when you are in the login node.

If You Cannot Install it Yourself

If the software module you need cannot be installed in your local space please email

In the body of the email include:

  • Software Name
  • Software Version
  • Software Repository/URL
  • Name of Cluster


Subject: Install Software Request

Dear RSS Team,

I am looking forward to install:

Thank you,

Your request will be added to the queue and will be evaluated on a first come first serve basis. RSS will reject poorly written and/or documented software to protect the stability of the cluster.