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The Research Support Services (RSS) group provides computing support, training, and consulting to the UM research community. Our staff works closely with researchers to help evaluate their research computation needs and recommend solutions that allow them to take full advantage of the resources available. RSS also works to ensure that the campus’ computing, storage, and networking infrastructure meets the growing needs of the research community.


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Cluster Status

Regular maintenance is scheduled for the 2nd Tuesday of every month. Jobs will run if scheduled to complete before the window begins, and jobs will start once maintenance is complete.

  • UM IT System Status
  • More information can also be found on the MOTD of the cluster that displays when you log in

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You may apply for an HPC account using the Computing Resources Account Request form. Review the Getting Started page to request an account on the Lewis HPC cluster. The teaching and learning cluster (Clark) only requires university single-sign-on credentials. RSS provides the following services:

Grant assistance

The RSS team is here to help with grants. We offer consultations and project reviews that include but are not limited to:

  • Security Reviews
  • Vendor Quotes
  • Letters of Support
  • Regional Partnerships
  • Data Management Plans
  • Facilities Description(Download)

Getting Started with RSS Grant Assistance

  • Please fill out our initial grant consultation form RSS Grant Requirements Form
  • Once this is received - the RSS team will review the form and if necessary coordinate with the PI as well as the appropriate subject matter experts to determine the next steps.


RSS provides training for our high-performance computing resources. This training covers hardware basics, how to use the scheduler, how to use secure shell key-based authentication, and any other questions you may have.


Following are RSS policies and guidelines for different services and groups: